Design - Process

About the Process... (A note from Nicole - Lead Designer)


The first, and possibly most important, stage is to find out as much as I can about you and your story so far. I want to know all about your dreams and goals before I get started.


Using the understanding gained during the consultation stage about your needs I'll agree the deliverables with you and lay out expectations and costs in a contract. You'll sign it or agree in writing (via email, usually) and I'll request a 50% deposit of the estimated total before I begin. Cancellations from this point are chargeable, fees will be clearly set out and agreed in the contract (we don't like nasty surprises and are guessing you don't either).

Research and ideas generation

You'll pass on scrapbooks or pin boards, links etc. and I'll use them as a starting block to come up with some initial concepts and ideas.

Refining the design

Based on the initial concepts you'll either go with one of the given ideas* or quite often these can be distilled with other elements suggested by the initial concepts to create something truly brilliant.

*I work collaboratively and don't believe in giving you three choices that you have to pick from and stick with, I believe the best ideas distill and mature like a fine whiskey.


After nailing the design I'll send you a final proof for approval. Check EVERYTHING carefully including all dates, spelling, factual information etc. as once you've approved it, any changes, additional work or reprints will be at your own, additional, cost.

Final invoice, production and delivery

I'll send an invoice for the remaining balance and, when final payment is received, will print, produce, finish, pack and arrange delivery of the goods in the case of printed goods or, for digital design, will send you all of the files relating to items outlined in the contract or agreed previously. The package will be tailored but would usually include a brand guide including details of your fonts / colours / photography style etc. as well as multiple file types of your logo and any other deliverables agreed such as social media avatars / banners etc. All should be checked on receipt and any discrepancies or deviations from expectations reported immediately.


Your superstar moment awaits - enjoy it!


I love to hear about projects after they have been released into the wild. Quite often I feel sad to let them go having spent many a late night / early morning with them, it's good to hear how they get on in the wider world. You can read some comments from previous clients here.

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