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An introduction to the people of Alfie's Studio...
We are a family business and we are small (but mighty, on most days, except Sundays, then we are brave adventurers). There are 4.5 of us and only two of those actually old enough to "work". Learn more below...

Nicole of Alfie's Studio

A note from Nicole Clark
- founder and owner of Alfie's Studio

I grew up creating adventures in the woods, collecting grasses and flowers with my nana whilst my dad fished with my granddad, perfecting my skill of making the perfect sand fort against the incoming tide and learning plant names.

My teenage years were spent dying my hair all manner of colours (which I've since realised was my first outward attempt at personal branding), painting every nail a different shade, oil painting or making wire sculptures coated in smashed glass (my signature piece at the time) going to concerts/gigs, sneaking off to London for the music shops in Camden / gallery hopping and writing letters to a boy whose house was three roads away from mine.

I like to mooch about the back roads of cities. Taking in the local architecture, discovering their industrial past and uncovering hidden gems. I like to sit in cafe windows watching the world go by with a pot of tea on the go. I like writing proper post to catch up with friends. I believe that if you have something to tell, you should tell it well. I believe that plants could, possibly, be the solution to most of life's problems. I like making magic from the mundane. I feed my soul on music, film, literature and outdoor adventures. I have this thing with glasshouses (which you can read about here and here). I have an oddly opposing love of city living and having a garden to tend to. I love maps. I love curling up in front of a crackling fire watching the snow drift down outside in winter. I have a Mr, 2.5 children, a deep love of tiramisu and a hundred year old house that whistles on a really windy night.

A note from Alan Clark
- shop boy extrordinaire at Alfie's Studio

For as long as I can remember I wanted to be outdoors.  I grew up in a small village in the middle of Worcestershire surrounded by fields.  As a Scout I learnt camping, fires, knots, the ability to fail in front of your peers. So, it seemed logical when I was an early teen to become an ‘environmentalist’.  At a young enough age that saving the rainforests was a heroic case of chaining myself to bulldozers, before climate change or global warming were a common topic.  When the biggest problems were CFC’s and ozone layer destruction and El Niño was a dance track.  When only a handful of universities in the UK offered a simple degree in Environmental Science as a Geography overspill.  Then reality hit and I had to get a job. I’ve done some bizarre, but interesting, jobs but it all comes back to the same thing.  If you value what you do, you put pride in your work.  If you love it, it feeds your soul.  You can grow, you can teach and most of all you can share.

The best thing I ever did was get married.  I found someone who supports me, puts up with my grumpiness and temper and my bad cooking, and drives me on to see the best in things, no matter how bleak the world seems to be.  Kids, on the other hand, are simultaneously the most rewarding and frustrating experience but they’ve taught me a lot about myself and the world around us.  Innocent questions about complex subjects, rambling explanations of games made up, tantrums when things don’t go as planned.

Yet, to see the world through their eyes – it’s a wonder.

We should all remember that, once, everything was new and unknown to us.  Magic was still real and living.  The world and space were both unexplored yet available to us.  Everyone was the same. Bulldozers could be stopped.

Alan of Alfie's Studio


A note about Eve Clark
- Rainbow Girl (apparently)

Keeps us kind. She has the kindest and gentlest soul of anyone we know and the biggest heart to go with it. She has her Dadda's eye for styling and frequently helps with the window at the shop.

Has a fondness of rainbows and sparkly things and especially keen on the fluffy coat that tends to make her look a bit like a mini Margot Tenenbaum - as you can see in her photo. A beautiful streak of fluffy things and wild blond hair.

If there is an argument in the house it is almost certainly about the outfit she has put together, and why her very best party dress with bow hair band and necklaces (think 80's styled Madonna) are not really suitable for the woods (we've tried, but being accident prone things just end up ruined, which makes her sad...).

Second in command when it comes to selecting books for littles.

Likes drawing and is barely ever without a colouring book and crayons.

A note about Dom Clark
- Astro boy
( he called it, he can have it - you're only little once)

In charge of the sensible side of things. Likes rules unless they are in his way and is super keen on maths.

Will always stand up for what he believes in and is a defender of the underdog.

Dreams of one day becoming a spaceman (could be the Bowie we used to sing together when he was little?), but until then is content with adding up sales and wrapping the little things at the shop when he is there.

Second in command when it comes to selecting books for the bigger littles and is always sure to provide us with a review when they come in!

Spends all of his spare time somewhere with his head buried in a book and lives for bbq's and campfires (especially when there are s'mores involved).


And Alfie...

Our .5 and our ever absent member.

Made present through our quest to be excellent at what we do and the brightest star in the night sky. Always in our hearts.

You can read more about ALF on the blog here.

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