Specialist Plant Advice

Brown tips and dry leaves would be a sign of under watering and a squishy base with brown-ness where leaves are rotting would be over-watering (give it a look and a gentle squeeze to make sure it is firm, if there is ever a squishy problem going on, better to strip rotting outer leaves off immediately as you may be able to save the centre of the plant by drying it out and it may recover).

If you're concerned a bit that the air plant may be getting "blocked up" from additives in the water (they can block up the tiny holes that the plant gets its nutrients from the air through), either use rainwater or let normal water stand for a day or two for the chlorine to leave it.

As far as I'm aware - a blush means it is getting ready to flower. Take a picture when it does, they can last anywhere between a matter of days and months. I took mine for granted not knowing this and after a couple of days got round to taking a photo and it had faded :( After flowering, they put out pup plants which drain the parent of its nutrients and the parent dies off to give the pups space to grown.

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